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I’ve decided to setup a reward system for myself to help add more motivation to the pot. At certain milestones, I will get rewards for myself, so there are tiers of things to look forward to.  All losses are calculated from the time I started trying to lose weight in 2016.  Starting weight: 251.2 lbs.  I was already over 20lbs down before setting up my new goals scale.

My initial goal is 140lbs, which is still considered overweight for my height.  However, this is a general area I want aim for.  After reaching that goal, I will reevaluate how I feel and if I want to continue working and toning to lose another 10 or 15 lbs to get into the “normal” BMI range.

Below is the system I’ve come up with.

xLose 30 – Habitica subscription Habitica is playing a big roll in keeping me motivated, developing more healthy habits, and getting our house and life organized again.  I’ll be getting a $5 subscription to Habitica at -30lbs.
xLose 40 – Geeky stuff from Geek Fire Labs. Going to grab a few geeky things from one of my fave shops – some lipbalm or perfume or even some yummy smelling wax melts!
xLose 50 – New Sports Bra. Going to up my workout game when I break back into ONEderland (the 100s), so I’ll need a spiffy new sports bra to help me out.
xLose 60 – Massage. Treating myself to a massage at 60 lbs down.
xLose 70 – New Workout Clothes. Can probably get some cute workout clothes by this time. No more t-shirt and baggy sweats!
xLose 80 – Hair Highlights. Going to get a proper haircut and professionally done highlights (or possibly full color)
xLose 90 – Mani-pedi. Treating myself to a full manicure and pedicure, for my new slender hands and feet!
xLose 100 + Goal – Tattoo! I’m going to get another tattoo to celebrate my success and my new body.


Of course, after I reach my goal, I will have to rebuild my wardrobe, but that’s not treats – that’s a fact of my new life!