Keto Day 41: Last Workout of 2nd Week of DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga Day 13
New Wake-Up 2.0
Energy Classic
20 minute walk (Dreadmill) 2.5mph

I was up today before my Fitbit alarm went off.  My body has started doing that.  Waking me up anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour before I’m “scheduled” to wake up.  So I got up, let the dogs out, and did my wake-up routine.

Today I pushed myself though. I did the full unmodified pushup in plank position. No knees for me!  My form needs work, I could feel my butt raised up a little so that’s something I need to work on – but I challenged myself and did it!

I still have Energy to do later as well as my walk on the Dreadmill. 😀  Going to put everything I have into my workouts today since tomorrow’s rest day.  So far today I feel a lot better than last Sunday.  This is the end of my second week doing DDP Yoga.  The difference in my strength, especially my upper body, is already noticeable. I love it.

The back pain I had going into this – which was my real catalyst to start DDP Yoga again – has all but disappeared.  I still feel twinges when I do anything that requires persistent bending or leaning over (like doing dishes), but it’s nothing terrible and will hopefully be eased as I lose more weight.

So yeah – rest day tomorrow as the last day of my second week,  then weigh in on Tuesday.  This has been a week of challenges.  I faced them and conquered them.  I’m very happy with my progress so far and look forward to stepping into Week 3.

Workouts Completed
Day 13 – Week 2 rest days are counted
Total: 20
(Started 11/29) 
Wake-Up: 8
Energy: 6
Fat Burner: 5
Live Workout 12/8

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