Keto Day 39: Stronger than Yesterday

DDP Yoga Day 11
New Wake-up 2.0
Energy Classic
20 minute walk – 2.5 mph

Since November 1st, when I started my keto meal plan, I’ve also been doing simple workouts every day, just to get my body used to moving since I was extremely out of shape. I started with 10 squats, 10 crunches, 10 wall pushups (because let’s face it – my upper body strength has never been anything to envy), and 15 minutes a 2.0 mph on the treadmill . I’ve been adding to the totals as I get stronger, and this week I’m at 14 squats and pushups, and 20 crunches.

I dropped the walk on the 29th when I added DDP, but I added it back in today. I got to about 8 minutes at 2.0 mph but wasn’t feeling the usual ache in my shins. Before, I would be huffing and puffing with a lot of leg pain by 15 minutes. Whimpering – wanting to quit early.

Today wasn’t such a day. I pushed past 8 minutes to 10, and decided to up the pace to get my heart rate up. I pushed it up to just 2.5 mph and went 2 minutes at that pace, then a minute back at 2 for a minute, then back to 2.5 for another 2 minutes, and so on. I got to 20 minutes and stopped. My shins never once hurt. My ankles – no pain. None of the ouchies and roadblocks that were present last month when I would walk. Amazing!

I thought huh – maybe I should try a normal pushup. In my blog from yesterday, I said I groan inwardly whenever it’s time for the pushups in the DDP Yoga workout. I do them, but I shake the whole time – the 3 count slow lower/lift and the hold really get to me. Anyway, I got on the ground and proceeded to crank out 10 dropped knee modified pushups like they were nothing. I probably could have gone further but I was kinda shocked. I wasn’t even tired at 10. That’s never happened before. Before when I try to do pushups, I have to stop before 10.

That’s a heck of a NSV for me. I got very excited, there were some happy tears, and I’m very much looking forward to pushups tomorrow. Next week I’ll be working on non-modified normal ones – I might have to still modify in the workouts – but I lift up as much as I can.

I’m already so much stronger than 11 days ago, and each day I’m stronger than the day before. How strong will I be in the next 11? The next 30, 90? 365?


Rest days are counted in my day counts. They’re just as important!

Workouts Completed
(Started 11/29 – Day 11 – Week 2)
Wake-Up: 6
Energy: 5
Fat Burner: 4
Live Workout 12/8

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