10 Lazy and Sick Days Later… Still Losing!

So Day 16 and my last post on March 18th was the last time I have exercised.  A combinations of things kept getting in the way, or at least I let them get in the way.  Sean came home for a few days, and we purchased some fun stuff at IKEA and rearranged the house!  The living room is now the classroom and the front den area is now the living room/ computer room.

I also haven’t eaten the healthiest I could have (I tend to do that when Sean is home), AND I’ve been battling a headcold from hell.  I don’t think I could have worked out if I tried, because I would have collapsed into a coughing and sneezing fit whenever my breathing rate went up.

However, check it out:

Current Weight Since Last Check-In Since Heaviest Lbs to Goal
198.4 lbs -3.6 lbs -40.6 lbs 68.4 lbs

Almost 4 lbs down since my last weigh in on March 18th! And I broke into ONEderland! As of today, I’m officially under 200! WOOT! And over 40 lbs down! I’m a happy geek! I will proceed to pamper myself with the 30 and 40 lbs rewards. I already purchased the Geeky Art from Kids Need to Read, but I need to get it framed and hanged next to my great Loki art! As for the 40 lbs reward, makeup? Hmm I’ll consider it! I might save it for later, after a haircut (80 lbs)! Get kinda a makeover all at once? ^_^

As far as my workouts, I’m going to start fresh on Monday where I left off, and just finish up the last half of the 30 days as if I never took a break. Obviously I needed it, the weight has kinda been falling off with no help from me the last week. Maybe my metabolism is just that awesome right now? Who knows!

News on the Geekocity Creations front! I’ve since had my first 2 sales on Etsy. One was to a friend I know from high school and the other is a fresh customer from France! I’ve added new products with a lot more planned too! My friend Claudia is also going to take some of my stuff with her to CyphaCon in Louisiana next weekend to see how they sell. ^_^ Excited!


I am also now officially a sole proprietor! I got my DBA (Doing Business As) form filed two days ago, setup official business bank accounts with our bank, and even filed for a Texas state sales tax and use permit so I can collect sales tax. It’s pretty awesome.  I’m legal!  Just have to start selling more stuffs!

Here’s to renewed motivation and continued loss!

Days 13-16 and Geekocity

Current Weight Since Last Check-In Since Heaviest Lbs to Goal
202 lbs 0 lbs -37 lbs 72 lbs

I made an executive decision today. I haven’t had a loss again yet, but I’m no longer going to track my weight since heaviest AND starting Nutrisystem. I’m strictly going to track since my heaviest (239) just because damn, I was fat, and looking at the total progress I’ve made is very motivating!

The past couple of days have been a bit of a wash when it comes to workouts, though I’ve been perfect on my diet. Sunday, Day 14, was my rest day so that’s a given, but yesterday , day 15, I just couldn’t work up the energy to workout. I’m embarking on a rather exciting direction in my life which started on Saturday when I opened my Etsy shop, Geekocity Creations,  stocked with my hand stamped metal jewelry. I’ve been researching how to get it promoted to get some sales rolling in, working on the website, and other things, and working out just slipped through the cracks yesterday.

I’m trying to make up for it today, even though I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. No bueno! I just finished Burn 30, and I’m going to wait a little while before I do Firm 30 so I don’t kill myself!

It was quite the busy weekend. Looking forward to all my new supplies coming in so I can get to creating more products for my shop!

Age of the Geek, baby!

Day 16 in the books, pretty much. Day 17 tomorrow!

Day 12

Current Weight Since Last Check-In Since Starting NS Since Heaviest Lbs to Goal
202 lbs -1 lbs -29.4 lbs -37 lbs 72 lbs

Down again! Dropped a pound this morning, feeling great! It was definitely an awesome way to start Pi Day.

Burn 30 went well, and I even got Hannah to workout with me this morning.  I just got done pushing through 2 more Leslie miles to get my calorie burn up for the day.

I was looking through my personal challenges on LoseIt, and realized I’m -0.4 away from completing my mini-goal of 10 lbs down before April 1st.  I can’t believe it! I’ve lost 9.6 lbs since February 10th, which is also when I started walking with Leslie Sansone.  What a difference regular workouts make!

There’s another personal challenge to lose another 10 lbs in April and May. I totally have that one in the bag!

I can’t wait for the summer because summer means Family Yoga at the YMCA! I wish they had family yoga available during the school year for kids with preschoolers or those like me who homeschool.  The closest Y doesn’t really accommodate homeschoolers because their childcare during the day is only really geared towards the little ones.  I know the Katy YMCA works well with the homeschool crowd because they also offer homeschool classes – art, PE, and performing arts.  I might look into getting Hannah in one of the art courses there in the fall, and I’ll just workout while she’s being artsy!

I really need to look into finding a better fitting sports bra. The ones I have are ok until I start doing something with more impact – like jumping jacks or bouncing in general. My workouts are slowly ramping up to being a little more impact so… yeah, time for a better bra.

Day 12 workouts all done. I’m so close to my 30 lb mini-goal! And so close to being in ONEderland! Woot!