Keto Days 30-31

Feeling: Badass

Today (Dec 1) was day 3 of DDP Yoga.  I’ve setup my program to be alternating workouts 6 days a week, with 1 complete rest day (Sunday).  It’s really kicking my butt, but I’m not too sore – just enough to feel it.  It makes me feel AWESOME even though a lot of the moves I have to modify.  I’ve been alternating the beginner videos – Energy Class and Fat Burner Classic.

I really enjoy the workout, even if it’s tough. I initially started the videos again because I’m having some considerable muscle pain in my back.  I believe the pain is because I’m losing weight and my posture is adjusting and improving – my back muscles are having issues with the adjustments.  I was hoping the poses and stretching would help, and so far it has been pretty successful. I don’t have a long time to compare since it’s just the 3rd day, but I’m keeping up with this in my private journal and monitoring my pain each day.  I think I’m getting slightly stronger already and the pain is lessening, so it’s a win.

I know adding the new workout that’s a challenge and causing soreness is probably effect my weight loss and water retention, but eventually that will fall off as I’m building muscles and burning fat at the same time.  Win-win!

Keto Days 27-29 – Week 4 Weigh-in

Feeling: Better than after I jumped on the scale!

230.4 +2.8 -7.2 -20.8 90.4

So, yeah, that’s a gain this week.  A gain of 2.8 lbs.  I have to admit, I had a minor/major freakout when I saw the scale.  I ran the past week over and over through my head, trying to remember if I slipped up anywhere. I drank 120oz of water daily, my macros were on point, and I logged everything that went into my mouth.  I survived Thanksgiving without cheating, and I felt like a rockstar because of it.  I even started working out every day, of which I’m going to add to this week to increase the challenge since I’m getting my strength and stamina back.  I had such a good feeling about this weigh-in.  I just knew that it was going to be an awesome result.

And then BAM!  A gain.  I glared at the numbers, willing them to change and show me what I really wanted to see – a loss.  That couldn’t be!  Life was unfair!  I did everything right!  My brain let me freak out for a little bit before it latched onto something – the knowledge that I added workouts last week, where I was a sedentary lump before.  I’ve been working out, using and abusing muscles that haven’t been worked out in months… years even.  I’m gaining some muscle.  Also, there are fluctuations to be expected with keto.  Others said it’s not so much gaining muscle as now that my muscles are being worked out – they’re retaining water.  It’s probably a combination of all of the above!

Either way, I recorded the gain, and I’m moving on.  This week I’m adding some reps to my workouts – I’m doing a daily set of 12/12 pushups/squats, 15 crunches, and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

I added a Weight Loss Progress page to track various aspects of my progress.  It has my current weight, lbs lost, and a chart to show my fluctuations.  I know this isn’t going to be all downhill.  It also shows my % body weight lost based on my current weight and my starting weight of 251.2.

I also updated my Weight Loss Goals with rewards to reflect this new time around.  If our finances are in the position to I will do the goals when I reach each milestone.  Otherwise, I will bank them until we can afford it.

Keto Days 25-26

Feeling: Tired

I’ve been a little high on my protein due to leftovers from Thanksgiving. I’m thinking that’s why I’m having trouble with tiredness for the last two days. I’m going to see about upping my fat intact to see if that gives me more energy.

I’ve been keeping up with my crunches, situps, and pushups but yesterday was the first day all week I did not do my treadmill time.  I tried, but couldn’t get past 5 minutes without feeling like my legs were going to collapse out from under me.  I’m going to try again tomorrow since I’m feeling very similar today as yesterday.